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Jurisprudence – the classical education

The law degree program remains popular and in demand in all European countries as well as in Germany. The law faculties study subjects such as law, legal history, insurance law, civil law, legal philosophy and many others.

What is law school actually? As part of the study, the students are taught the widest possible knowledge in law and related disciplines. The students must become the right specialists and have the basic knowledge in all areas of German law. After graduation, graduates can choose a position from a lawyer, counselor, judge, prosecutor.

Not everyone can understand such a subject. First, you should show good performance in the school, to hope for it. The law degree usually covers 9 semesters. The law students get the typical tasks, such as a housework or term paper.

One differentiates between basic study and main study thereby. We’re talking about the stages that you should go through. During the first 4 semesters you have the basic studies and then you take the first exam. It’s called intermediate exam. These peculiarities should be explained.

It can also be said that law studies are divided into two stages: theoretical and practical. The first takes about 4-5 years, the second about 2 years. The degree program concludes with taking the exams. If you have not passed this exam, you still have an attempt to retake the exam.

Those who successfully pass the first law exam can continue to try their trade. Not all jobs are still available right at the beginning of the legal career. First, you have to do some internships in a company and demonstrate your own skills.

Law: the perspective of the profession

As one has already said, this job is very in demand and respected. Many leaders are looking for qualified professionals willing to learn quickly. The services of a lawyer cost a lot, especially if he already has rich experience. This specialist is a universal specialist and is a professional in the field of jurisprudence. That’s the answer to the question: “Why do you want to study law?”

The study process of future lawyers sets the knowledge in public, criminal, civil, criminal law and in many industries. In addition, students familiarize themselves with tax, banking, environmental and international law. A complete list of related disciplines may vary in each university. It is important to note that this study program of the legal profile is not uniform. It means that there are own conditions, norms and procedures for the organization of the study process in every state and in every university.

One can also ask: How can one write a housework, if law subjects are difficult? Are there rules and norms? Like all subjects, the law studies have their own peculiarities. The professors give specific instructions to each task. It does not mean that these chores, seminar papers and specialist papers are easy to do.

Law students should diligently read and study the recommended sources of literature, laws, court decisions, and other books. Of course that takes a lot of time, but it has to be that way. You can count on one of the high paid professions in Germany and in many other countries, so you should study hard.

How long is studying law?

The study can take many years. You get the useful theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. What should one do to become a successful lawyer? Many experienced specialists claim that practice is the best alternative for everyone. The German students get a chance to get a long-lasting practice during their studies. She can also be paid. So the student works as an assistant to an experienced lawyer and gets the valuable experience and skills.

A bachelor thesis in law is a common thing during your studies. The requirements for creating such work every student gets from his supervisor, as well as the topic. There are also the general rules of creating an academic text. These must be taken into account. The students together with a supervisor choose a direction or a field of jurisprudence and formulate the topic.

The build process usually looks like this as well:

  • Find the topic;
  • To do literature research;
  • Edit collected information;
  • Carry out research;
  • Collect empirical data;
  • Write the text of the bachelor thesis.
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The proofreading is also very desired by the students. This procedure involves an analytical reading of the text. It corrects not only the grammatical errors, but also the stylistic and content blurring. Such a service helps the student to present the text of the bachelor thesis favorably and to get the highest grade.

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